Remembered Today

  I normally post on Friday, but considering this special day I thought I would post early. This is a poem I wrote for everyone, but especially those now in , or who have been in the military.  Enjoy, and God Bless.

Have we remembered today?

Have we thought, pondered,

Do we pray?

For the men and women,

So far away,

That risk their lives each day?

In oppressive heat and scorching sun,

they fight day by day.

And from their goal they never stray.

“What is that goal?” you ask.

Well let me tell you now,

To save a country and a people,

from those who mean it evil.

They offer their lives,

They give their all,

They serve with strength and pride.

They leave family,

Friends and loved ones dear,

to serve our country,

Far and near.

And yet some say, “In vain

They serve, and home

They must return.”

Then, we said we’d never forget,

But now, is that still true?

Have we forgotten,

The people that were lost?

And the lives forever changed?

This, my friends,

Is why they serve o’er the world today,

So let us ne’er forget, that for our soldiers,

We must pray.

Have you remembered today?

In loving memory of all those lost on 9-11,

and since then in the war on terror.