Little Treasures

  My post is kinda short today, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less prevalent. Hope you all enjoy, and take to heart.

Little Treasures” of God, each one specially created for His glory. Each one specially gifted to be who He wants them to be, when and where He wants them to be, to touch people’s lives. To some, they’re “different”, to others they’re “weird” or “strange”, hopefully, to most of us, they are precious. But all of them are…


It’s no secret to anyone who knows me well; for years, I have loved kids. To me there’s no better way to put it than Psalm 127:3- “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.”

But over the past few years, a certain group of children have caught my eye, and captured my heart. They are often the least noticed or cared about, often the ones left to live lonely lives, unless someone comes along, someone willing to be different, willing to care about them, willing to love them. The children I am referring to, are the disabled, or handicap children. These children live all around us, and go to our schools, churches, and play at our local playgrounds. They are all around us and yet most of us know very little about them as individuals or about their disabilities.

The one day I was walking by a lake near my home, it was a very long lake so there was a medium current. As I walked by the water, I saw a small duck swimming against the current. The strength of the current, and the size of the duck, made it so the duck had to really work to swim in the direction it wanted to go. A little farther up stream, I saw a stick floating in the water, just going where ever the current took it, and as I thought about it, that scenario is so much like real life. I mean think about it for a minute. The current represents the “in crowd” and we are ether the stick or the duck.

The stick, is like the person who just wants to fit in, won’t be different, won’t stand out, they just go with the flow. Maybe they don’t tease or nag the kids, they just would rather die than be seen actually talking to them! The duck, is the person who is willing to be different, and stand out, to go against the flow. They don’t mind being seen talking to them, or playing with them, or helping them.

These days people are so wrapped up in doing what ever makes them look go, they miss so many opportunities to do just that. Really, we should be more interested in doing things to help others, doing things to glorify God, than making us look good.

So which are you? The duck, or the stick?

 I hope you’re the duck, I know I wanna be…



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